02.    Elemental Embodiment, 2023

Thesis Experiments

Jiri Oplatek
Ted Davis
Berenice Serra
Dr. Invar-Torre Hollaus

Special Thanks
Eunbee Lee

HGK Basel

Basel, Switzerland

Classical elements of nature (earth, air, water and fire) aren’t sentient. But what if they were? How would they see themselves during an ecological disaster?

These animations were built using scientific imagery from NASA and Hydra, a live coding tool.

My framework of thinking and creating cites the works of anthropologist Eduardo Kohn (“How Forests Think”), philosopher Michel Serres (“Biogée”) and researchers Pia Spangenberger, Sonja Maria Geiger & Sarah-Christin Freytag (“Becoming nature: effects of embodying a tree in immersive virtual reality on nature relatedness”).

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