Gil Andrei Fontimayor 

Gil is a New York-based Filipino-American visual storyteller who acts as a graphic artist, designer, and art director for print and digital versions of books, magazines, and newspapers. He makes zines, designs book covers and interiors, produces motion graphics and interaction design, and creates brand identities. He sketches for fun.

He is currently an Assistant Visual Editor at The Wall Street Journal.

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Selected work:
Hazed & Confused magazine spread
Wake Up zine
Cross of Snow illustration experimental app
Green Politics data viz
The Go List magazine layouts
WSJ Books photo illustrations
Taco Tuesday animated type
Waffle House outdoor ads
Sonic Youth zine
A Year in Reading illustrations
Font Book experimental book
Scary/Trick Trick show invite
New & Improved photo illustration
Shake It Off animated type
Fall Books reading guide
Breathe animated type
La Maison magazine spread
Cellar Door animated invite
Life Made Easy magazine layouts
What A Trip zine
Piggy Bank visual idea
Glitchy artist broadsheet
Complex magazine projects
CYMK (Sea-Why MMM-K?) zine
Books of the Year reading guide
Ode on Solitude experimental book
Relics animated invite
Restauart flyer
Niche Media magazine layouts
College Ruled! zine
Friendly Skies photo collage
News of Note artist tabloid
Family Style art direction
Hi-di-ho neighbor data viz
Holiday Books reading guide